system integration & support

We are your support system, from post-production support to integrating third-party services into an existing application, we've got your back.

We make sure that all of your third-party tools play nicely with each other and that everything works the way it is supposed to work. We are your help desk– rapidly responding if issues arise. We make your digital work easier. 

Third-party System Integration

We're experts at making different systems communicate with each other. Whether you use a Customer Relations Management (CRM) system like Salesforce or Hubspot, donation platforms, event and ticketing systems, or other museum collections databases, we seamlessly integrate third-party services into our applications. Whether you need to receive or send data, we plan and develop robust solutions to connect and utilize data from external systems or other Application Program Interfaces (APIs).


Hosting, Support & DevOps

Our support team provides services for all areas of our agency ranging from strategy and design to development and hosting. We offer flexible support retainers with project managers and technical leadership to clearly identify and prioritize goals and tasks on an ongoing basis. We partner with industry-leading providers to deliver robust hosting infrastructure for many types of web applications. Our preferred Drupal hosting platform is Pantheon. We frequently host and support applications on modern platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Heroku, and MediaTemple. Run your own infrastructure? We also support client-hosted applications in various environments.


Performance Optimization

Is your application or website performing poorly? Are page load speeds affecting SEO or customer satisfaction? We pinpoint web application bottlenecks using modern performance monitoring tools in combination with data from sources like Google Analytics or Siteimprove. We suggest and implement code and content optimizations and implement powerful caching technologies and content delivery networks.