data visualization

We take complex data critical to your mission and craft it into easy-to-understand visual representations to help you reach your audiences.

The right design and development can make a boring pile of numbers into a compelling story. Like manipulating pieces in a puzzle, your audience can filter the settings of an interactive data display to reveal new insights and build fresh understanding. We craft interactive assets to fit neatly into a web page, mobile application, or an enormous touchscreen– responsive to both the digital environment and audience needs. 


Screenshot of the SI Global Where We Work Map with the left panel showing Our Global Presence, three filters and the featured projects

we are mapping experts

Do you have a story to tell that only a map can relay? Maps are one of our specialties and we use today’s latest GIS technology to connect your content to locations. Maps are only the beginning– from incorporating scrolly-telling or parallax scrolling to dynamic charts with motion graphics, we make data exciting to explore.