content strategy

From helping your audience find your site, to convincing them to stay, we optimize your content to achieve your institution’s mission. 

We can help you all the way from researching your audience and learning more about them to implementing that research into a strategic design that will be brought to life. Everything we build has accessibility and inclusivity in mind.

Analytics Strategy

Often, one of the best environments to learn about your audience needs is an already-launched product. Careful planning during the design process will put the right types of data collection in place so that you have the information you need later to analyze the success of the project.


Audience Behavior Research

Determining how audiences will interact your digital experience is paramount to proper user interface planning and execution. Using tools such as surveys, user session recording, click and scroll heat maps in combination with usage data from analytics suites, user personas and user journey mapping provide a clear path creating a user experience that provides visitors with the most important information and leads them to calls to action.


Content & Data Analysis

The different avenues for learning about the needs and potential of your project can seem overwhelming and difficult to interpret. Even if your initial instincts are correct, it’s always good to have a solid set of numbers to back up your direction.


Digital Project Planning

Your goals are our goals. We help you define a project’s scope, budgets, and schedules according to those goals. We estimate workloads, manage resources, and identify any risks to the project’s success. Think of us as an extension of your team, without the extra office space.


Grant Proposal Writing

Navigating the world of grants and proposals can be anything but smooth sailing. Understanding the nuances of the requests, providing compelling data, and crafting the right messages are critical for your funding goals. We help you convince the funder that what you propose to do is essential and that your organization is the right one to do it.