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    Screenshot of the homepage of the Arkansas Birth Control Website


Power to Decide asked Interactive Knowledge to help them launch a new website that focuses on providing contraception information to Missouri teens. Besides including the most up-to-date information via API, the site includes mapping technology and a powerful method comparison tool.

About this project

Power to Decide provides information about contraceptives and access to birth control. They also are effective advocates for common sense sexual health policies at the state and national level.  Interactive Knowledge partnered with Power to Decide to design and develop a new website specifically for Arkansas teens.  Arkansas Birth Control website was launched to provide reliable, up-to-date contraceptive information. The site also provides information about locations of Health Centers throughout Arkansas that provide birth control information and access to contraceptives.  

The website is modeled after a similar site we created for Power to Decide in 2020 that focuses on birth control access for residents of Missouri. Both sites’ content is powered by the site bedsider.org API.


The project goals

The Funders for this project wanted to provide Arkansas teens with a safe, reliable site with accurate information about contraception, and where to get it. They wanted to address common myths about birth control and sexual health, and provide frequently asked questions to users, who may not have another place to turn. The site was to be designed with a “mobile first” strategy, since the user demographic was 88% mobile-only users.


Three mobile devices showing different pages of the Arkansas Birth Control Website


The IK approach

Content Strategy

The strategy we developed for this site focused on the various birth control methods and ways to deliver the content clearly and concisely. We introduced a Method Explorer with large images, overview information and a filterable view by Most Effective, Hormone Free and STI Prevention. Diving deeper into the method, users will find the same categories for each method: Basic Info & FAQs, What Does it Cost?, How Do I Use it? and The Good & the Bad.

To further help users make informed decisions, we provided a powerful comparison tool allowing users the opportunity to compare up to 5 methods side by side. Important criteria such as Effectiveness, Side Effects and Cost are easily identifiable using colored icons.

User Experience and Design

The design of the site was targeted to a primarily female, teen audience and features diverse relatable imagery, feminine color scheme and easy to use navigation. Because the majority of targeted users of the site would access the information via mobile devices, we took a “mobile-first” approach to the design, creating a fully responsive, mobile-centric site optimized for smartphones, tablets and laptops. Current articles of interest provide sexual and mental health information geared towards teens and young adults. A comprehensive FAQ section addresses the most common questions about sexual health.

System Integration

Much of the content for Arkansas Birth Control was migrated from another Power to Decide contraceptive information website, besider.org. We collaborated with the PTD team to create an overall content strategy that provided valuable, trust-worthy contraceptive information to users, while carefully curating appropriate content based upon the funder’s initiative goals. The API content is updated monthly, ensuring the site’s information is current and accurate.

Mapping Technology

One of the goals for this site was to provide information for teens to obtain birth control, whether it is in person at a health center, or by delivery. We created a mapping solution that allows users to enter a zip code or city name to find all contraceptive care providers in Arkansas.  Users can explore the map, or choose from a list of centers that includes information such as services and methods available at any particular location.


The Results

Arkansas Birth Control has been wildly popular since its launch. Every month, the rate for new and returning visitors increases substantially. Power to Decide continues to update articles on the site, and promote it via their social media channels.