a reenactment of a Revolutionary War battle scene featuring 3 uniformed soldiers riding horses and carring a blue flag with white stars

Promoting Historic Tourism On The Liberty Trail

Interactive Knowlege is proud to announce a new project with the American Battlefield Trust, The Liberty Trail experience. The Liberty Trail is a groundbreaking initiative—developed through a partnership between the American Battlefield Trust and the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust—that connects Revolutionary War places of interest across South Carolina and tells the captivating and inspiring stories of this transformative chapter of American history. The vision for The Liberty Trail is ambitious, with the goals of permanently protecting more than 2,500 acres of battlefield land and ultimately linking nearly 80 sites.  

Interactive Knowledge will be designing and building an interactive website for the Liberty Trail initiative, combining the preservation of the battlegrounds with emerging research and cutting-edge online digital features.  The goal of the accompanying website is to provide information about The Liberty Trail initiative, engage visitors with stories of heroism and patriotism, and inspire users to experience the Trail themselves. 

Lawrence Swiader, Chief Digital Officer at American Battlefield Trust states “Interactive Knowledge’s experience with website design and building content management systems that allow for collaboration with partner organizations was key to their being selected for this work. I’m confident that the result of our work together will be a beautifully designed website that is attractive to people discovering the history of The Liberty Trail.”

This project aligns with Interactive Knowledge's goal of supporting mission-driven organizations, and the company is excited to contribute its skills and capabilities to bring this vision to fruition.

Interactive Knowledge is honored to have been selected for this project and is confident in its ability to deliver outstanding results. The company looks forward to working with its long-time partners at American Battlefield Trust, leveraging its extensive experience and skilled team to contribute to the success of battleground preservation.