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Disinformation Quiz Launched by Clemson University—Spot The Troll

Spot The Troll uses real social media content to test the users’ ability to discern legitimate accounts from Internet trolls. 

During the 2016 Presidential election campaign, Russian-linked accounts spread disinformation on many of America’s social media platforms. Their goal was to spread false information and divide an already polarized nation. Many of these accounts were created by the Russian Internet Research Agency. Members of this group were indicted during Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. This practice continues today and is amplified by many Americans who don’t know they are retweeting and reposting disinformation. Clemson University researchers Darren Linvill and Patrick Warren hired Interactive Knowledge to create an online quiz designed to show social media users how to recognize professional trolls who create fictitious identities in order to spread false or misleading information. 


The interactive quiz introduces eight social media accounts that exist or used to exist on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Participants review the account profile information and selected posts and decide if the account is legitimate or a troll. Afterward, the user is shown specific things to look for when deciding whether an account is fictitious or not. An extensive list of resources including very current articles provides clear information that helps inform social media users who like to share content online.


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