We have established a working process that allows us to manage several large scale projects at once. There's always a lot going on here and we use a variety of media to get the word out. Here's our latest news.

IK Designs an Interactive Exhibition for the Sealaska Heritage Institute

May 2018

SHI Interactives

Though many of our projects are web based, we also create unique interactive activities that are installed on location. On May 1, 2018, a new exhibition opened at the Sealaska Heritage Institute in Juneau, Alaska. The exhibition features three touch screen interactives that are designed and produced by Interactive Knowledge. The exhibition, titled Our Grandparents’ Names on the Land, is a multi-faceted project that began in 2017. We worked closely with SHI to capture the rich culture, language and history of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian natives who have been living in Southeast Alaska for 10,000 years.

The exhibition is located in a 1,000 square foot space at SHI’s headquarters in downtown Juneau. IK led the entire exhibition planning, design and production process, working closely with SHI curators and archivists as well as local carpenters and museum technicians.  The exhibition will be in place for several years and is designed to appeal to natives as well as tourists who arrive all summer via cruise ships and tours. A version of the interactives will be distributed to several local school districts for use in their classrooms.

New Toledo Museum of Art site launched

March 2018

Toledo Museum of Art website desktop and mobile

The Toledo Museum of Art has a global reputation for its collection, architecture and educational programming. All of those features are now showcased in a redesigned website. IK has worked closely with TMA for over a year on the new site. We not only added a new visual look, the new site has a fully integrated events/ticketing program and enhanced access to their art collection. 

"America’s Presidents" online gallery updated just before Obama portrait reveal

February 2018

IK has completed phase two of the online counterpart of this popular and newly refurbished installation at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. The site has two main components: the online version of the exhibition itself and a research portal that mines resources from both the National Portrait Gallery and across the entire Smithsonian. The launch of the second phase of the site came shortly before the highly-anticipated unveiling of the official portraits of former president Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, painted by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, respectively.

Smithsonian Campaign celebrates unprecedented success

January 2018

Smithsonian CampaignThe Smithsonian Capital Campaign surpassed its original fundraising goal of $1.5 billion, reaching nearly $1.88 billion in private support when the campaign concluded on December 31, 2017. To reflect the effort’s successful conclusion, the original campaign site has evolved from a promotional platform into a showcase of these staggering results, with news and details surrounding both the beneficiaries and sources of the generous gifts. IK has worked closely with the Smithsonian’s Office of Advancement for over four years designing and producing advanced online tools for communicating the Campaign’s progress and collecting online donations from the public. Over 500,000 individuals made online donations.

Power to Decide: Campus Sexual Health Survey

October 2017

Campus Sexual Health Survey exampleIK has worked with Power to Decide to develop a Campus Sexual Health Survey for Colleges and Universities. The online tool guides users through a multi-step process to improve and standardize sexual health related programs and resources on their campus. The first step is a thorough evaluation to identify areas that need improvement. Users are then guided through the creation of an action plan in which key components are assigned to members within their team’s user group. As the group works to complete their action plan items, members are able to view and report progress toward their assigned goals.

Reynolda House celebrates centennial

August 2017

Reynolda House Centennial Site with mobileThe year 2017 marks 100 years since the original construction of Reynolda House by Katharine Smith Reynolds and her husband, Richard Joshua (R. J.) Reynolds, in Winston-Salem N.C.. This month, IK helped kick off the centennial with the launch of a dedicated site that outlines the year of celebration. is headlined by a beautiful collection of stories told by people who’ve visited over the years.

IK is also designing a new mobile app for Reynolda House that will deliver an in-depth, bilingual  multimedia tour of the house and gardens. This project, funded by an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant, uses original content and illustrations combined with archival photos and oral histories to deliver a thorough history of the property and people who lived and worked there over the past 100 years.


New site for The Arts Council of Fayetteville and Cumberland County

July 2017

The Arts Council of Fayetteville and Cumberland County desktop and mobileThe Arts Council of Fayetteville and Cumberland County initially tasked IK with the planning phase for its new website and, later, with the full implementation and launch. The new site, launched this month, serves as a window into the area’s growing arts scene for both local residents and visitors. The website is a much needed an organizational and promotional tool for the arts community.

IK worked with the Arts Council to define the needs of all interested groups and lay the foundation for an easily navigable site structure. In addition to a robust Cultural Calendar, the site also features searchable artist opportunity listings, an artist directory and a database of cultural attractions.


New Detroit Institute of Arts site features full online collection

June 2017

Detroit Institute of Arts online galleryIK launched the new site this month complete with a spectacular, high-resolution collection library of over 61,000 items. The high quality imagery and an intuitive search interface allow users to experience the museum’s impressive collection from anywhere.

The Detroit Institute of Arts is very active in the community and offers hundreds of events each month at the museum and in the surrounding counties. An important feature of the site redesign is an events calendar with advanced search tools and online ticketing. The new site boasts a number of other engaging features including a resource library of educational tools, online registration for educational field trips and extensive information on past, current and future exhibitions.


IK selected to produce exhibit for Sealaska Heritage Institute

March 2017

IK has been chosen by the Sealaska Heritage Institute, a nonprofit that supports and perpetuates Southeast Alaska Native cultures, to design and produce an exhibition in their galleries in Juneau, Alaska. In addition to the 900 square foot physical exhibition space, we are creating and installing three multimedia interactives:

Place Names - using a large Ideum multitouch table display we are creating several interactive map-based activities that reveal over 3,000 places using the native name, translation and recorded native language pronunciation

Halibut Hook - Tlingit and Haida natives have been using a hand-carved wooden hook for hundreds of years to catch halibut. This interactive, which introduces the traditional hook and it’s application, will be delivered on a 55 inch touch screen monitor and include original video, oral histories, 3D animations and several educational games.

Intertidal Salmon Traps - Southeast Alaska Native communities built and maintained sophisticated traps to catch and manage salmon populations. Salmon were a critical part of the Native diet with about 400 smoked salmon required for the average family to have food for the winter. This interactive, which explains how the traps functioned in various locations, will be delivered on a 55 inch touch screen monitor and include original video, dramatic footage shot from drones, oral histories, 3D animations and several educational games. Site Launched

November 2016

In July 2015, CROPP Cooperative (well-known for its Organic Valley brand), asked us to redesign their primary website. The website's audience included more than 1,800 farmer-members, co-op staff, and potential new members. is designed to deliver very useful content including up-to-date research, events, pay price calculators and individual milk quality reports. The majority of content on the site is password-protected and only available to farmer-members and staff. However, the site is also designed as a recruitment tool and provides important information on how CROPP Cooperative helps farmers convert to organic - the fastest growing sector in the US food industry.

Useful features for the re-designed CROPP site include:

  • Personalized milk quality reports
  • Producer pool maps
  • Educational videos and resources
  • Knowledge Base forum

The site uses a robust content management system allowing staff to frequently access, update, and download content through a variety of user-roles. The open-source Drupal platform is fully responsive, delivering a seamless user experience on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Now farmers can access important content like their up-to-date milk quality reports for the first time on their smartphone or tablet - no matter where they are located.

Our team enjoyed partnering with CROPP to help them achieve their mission to "create and operate a marketing cooperative that promotes regional farm diversity and economic stability by the means of organic agricultural methods and the sale of certified organic products." We are continuing to support the site and will add several new features in the coming year.

IK Awarded Toledo Museum of Art Website Redesign

October 2016

Toledo Museum of Art exterior

Interactive Knowledge was recently selected to redesign the Toledo Museum of Art website. With more than 30,000 works of art in its collection, the Museum, founded in 1901, teaches people to read, write, and comprehend visual language by engaging with art. Through this redesign, the Museum will further advance its innovative and extensive education programs, creative collaborations, and online access to the collections. The redesigned site will launch in 2017. 

Smithsonian Global site launched for the Office of International Relations

October 2016

Smithsonian Global desktop and mobile viewThe Smithsonian’s Office of International Relations needed an interactive portal to share a wealth of information, including incredible photos and videos about international research conducted by Smithsonian employees in science, culture and public engagement. The SI Global website is a repository of articles on important Smithsonian research results on all of the world’s continents. Visitors to the site can locate content using an interactive map, a series of curated searches or a report generator that offers advanced search capabilities. In addition to research results, the site also offers detailed information about the Smithsonian researchers who are active around the world.

IK Offers SEMC Members Free Site Review

August 2016

This year marks both the 25th anniversary of Interactive Knowledge and the first time the Southeastern Museums Conference Annual Meeting has been held in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 31 years! To celebrate both, we are offering SEMC member institutions a free opportunity to grow online communities.

Charlotte Skyline, 2011. Image: Riction~commonswiki

Interactive Knowledge will review your website's information architecture, visual design, mobile accessibility, integration of social media, and overall use of technology to provide a meaningful, professional analysis of ways to improve engagement, at no charge. We'll send you a detailed, professional report you can easily share with staff, board members, and funders. Drop Tim a message if you’re interested in engaging new audiences, expanding membership, increasing donations, and supporting your mission online.

IK heads to Detroit Institute of Arts for project kickoff meeting

March 2016

Drupal Redesign The Detroit Institute of Arts

Interactive Knowledge is honored to be chosen to redesign the Detroit Institute of Arts website. The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) holds one of the largest and most significant art collections in America. Though Detroit’s economy has suffered major setbacks over the past decade, DIA is an outstanding cultural presence and community leader. This project is an opportunity to expand access to the museum’s renowned collection and enhance the website’s value to vital community outreach efforts. The redesigned site will launch in 2016. 

Unbound Narrative Art interactive installed at NMAI - NYC

March 2016

Museum Interactive Kiosk Unbound NMAI

“Unbound: Narrative Art of the Plains,” an exhibition opening Saturday, March 12, 2016 at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, George Gustav Heye Center in New York will include an interactive installation developed by Interactive Knowledge. Titled "Telling the Story", this interactive offers a close look at two works of art that are featured in the exhibition: A Warrior’s Story: Honoring Grandpa Blue Bird, a contemporary painted dress by Lauren Good Day Giago and Hunkpapa Lakota Horse Raiding, a painting on muslin ca. 1880 by Jaw (Hunkpapa Lakota). The interactive includes audio from Lauren Good Day Giago and the exhibition’s curator, Emil Her Many Horses along with a variety of interactive activities designed to give visitors an opportunity to experience the artwork through exploration and discovery.

InnovationNext Call for Proposals

December 2015

Thanks to a federal grant from Health and Human Services’ Office of Adolescent Health, a new campaign of The National Campaign for the Prevention of Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy called InnovationNext is planning to award ten teams initial funding of $80,000 and the opportunity for up to $325,000 in additional funds. The funded projects will focus on finding innovative ways to reduce teen pregnancy. The participants will incorporate design thinking into their solutions.

Interactive knowledge Innovation Next

The National Campaign for the Prevention of Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy has called on us for a variety of online projects over the past few years. We redesigned their main site and their teen-focused site, We currently host and support both of them.

New Public Health Websites for the University of Pittsburg

November 2015

The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Public Health has a successful track record of obtaining federal funding for a variety of online projects related to increasing the number of organ and tissue donation volunteers. 

IK Pittsburgh Public Heath

We have recently completed to online courses for Pitt titled, Donors Matter and Patients Save Lives. Both of the projects are designed to help health professionals better understand the donation process and explain the benefits to their patients. The sites are responsive for easy access on mobile devices. Both include a variety of effective interactive activities, original videos and a wide selection of professional resources.

Sustainability Report Goes Digital at Piedmont Natural Gas

September 2015

We recently partnered with our friends at WonderWorld to help their client, Piedmont Natural Gas, break their tradition of printing thousands of biannual Sustainability Reports. We designed and produced a site that features a variety of interactive infographics and nine WonderWorld videos. The website is fully responsive and has been a big hit with Piedmont’s management team, Board of Director’s and stockholders.

interactive knowledge piedmont sustainability


We Are Going Organic With CROPP

July 2015

CROPP Cooperative, well known for its Organic Valley brand is made up of over 1,800 farmer-owners. Based in LaFarge, Wisconsin, CROPP is growing quickly to meet the demand for organic dairy and other organic products. Farmers are becoming more reliant on a variety of useful technologies so the demand for an up-to-date, mobile accessible member website brought CROPP to Interactive Knowledge. We will redesign their website to give it a more contemporary look, add new features and make the entire site responsive for easier access on tablets and phones. The redesigned website will provide members access to a library of important articles, videos and other practical, educational resources. Farmers will also have an opportunity to submit their own content and share it with others. CROPP provides all of their members with producer quality reports that are updated several times a week. These reports will also be converted for easy mobile access.

We are thrilled to work with CROPP and help them achieve their mission to "create and operate a marketing cooperative that promotes regional farm diversity and economic stability by the means of organic agricultural methods and the sale of certified organic products."

StoryPlace Redesigned and Mobile-Accessible

July 2015

Interactive Knowledge Storyplace Drupal

StoryPlace is an energetic literacy website for preschool learners. When it was originally designed over ten years ago, thirty interactive bilingual activities with full animation and audio were built using Flash. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library asked us to partner with them on a grant proposal to bring on funds for updating the entire site, including converting all the Flash files to HTML5 so they could be played on any smartphone or tablet. The grant was awarded in the second half of 2014 and we began to redesign StoryPlace. The site was re-launched on July 1, 2015. We have continued to add new interactive activities and currently the site has a full complement of fun, colorful themes. 

Inka Road: Engineering an Empire Kiosk Installed

June 2015

In 2014, Interactive Knowledge was chosen to design and produce a large-scale interactive kiosk that is now installed at the National Museum of the American Indian's newest exhibition titled, Inka Road: Engineering an Empire. The Inka Road kiosk is focused on educational content that answers ten important questions about Inka engineering techniques that helped them solve critical problems in transportation, hydrology, agriculture and distribution. The kiosk content has also been converted into a responsive website that will be launched in September.

The design process included a series of meetings with the NMAI project team and an iterative process that helped us test and refine the overall user experience, icons and text based directions. The kiosk and website are bilingual so all content is delivered in both English and Spanish. The overall design incorporates a template that is used for each of the ten questions and intuitive, touch screen navigation. Each question is answered with interactive activities, videos, 3D animations or a series of captioned images.

In addition to the NMAI project team, we worked closely with Bart Marable from Terra Incognita on initial design concepts and Pixeldust Studios for several 3D animations. 

Redesigned, Mobile-Friendly Launched

April 2015

The National Campaign for the Prevention of Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy asked us to redesign their website in 2014. had not been updated for over five years. The visual look was dated but more importantly to our client, the site was nearly inaccessible on mobile devices. Their main audience was mostly teen and pre-teen girls who accessed the Internet almost exclusively with their smartphones. Our redesign process using Drupal 7 as the framework included special attention to delivering a great mobile experience. Initial testing before the site was launched showed slower than desired load times – particularly in the Home Page. We continued refining the site to improve performance. Changes included refining how thumbnail images were loaded, modifying their social media caching and adding a CDN (Content Delivery Network). These changes greatly reduced load times across the site and the result is a very effective mobile browsing experience. Interactive Knowledge

The site includes a variety of popular features including:

  • Ask Us Anything - Every week a new topic is introduced (i.e. Long Distance Relationships, Birth Control, Sex Myths, etc.). Teens are invited to submit questions on the topic and see expert responses by the end of the week. All questions and answers are archived and searchable.
  • Health Center Finder - Users can submit their zip code to find a list of nearby health centers. The health centers are also displayed on a Google map. 
  • Sex Ed - A lively, fully searchable section of easy-to-grasp content including eight featured topics and a wide variety of articles, videos, games and quizzes
  • Birth Control Method Explorer - Straight talk on all methods including relative effectiveness and which ones require a doctor visit to obtain. uses a full-featured content management system that the staff accesses almost daily to update content. Interactive Knowledge hosts and supports the site. We continue to work with The National Campaign's team to add new features and refine the user experience.

Smithsonian Campaign Goes Public With a New Website

November 2014

The Smithsonian has launched its first capital campaign with the ambitious goal of raising over $1.5 billion. Interactive Knowledge designed and built a large, ambitious website to support the campaign and provide the public with access to hundreds of reasons to participate. We created a private website in 2013 that pushed campaign news and major gift announcements to a selected audience of board members and donors. In 2014, the campaign went public with a gala event and the first public declaration of the $1.5 billion goal.

Smithsonian Campaign screenshots of homepage, unit page, mobile.

The Smithsonian Campaign website includes:

  • Detailed information on the Campaign goals of thirty different Smithsonian Museums, Research Centers and Programs
  • Hundreds of original photos and videos that tell the Campaign’s unique story
  • Updated information on the overall Campaign and each unit’s progress toward their individual goal
  • A robust content management system that allows Smithsonian staff to add new content about the Campaign quickly
  • Up-to-date information on Campaign events around the country and the latest news from the Campaign office
  • Prominent calls throughout the site for donations to the Campaign
  • A proven, customized process for accepting online donations to each of the individual units and to the general Campaign

We will continue to support the Smithsonian Campaign office throughout 2015 with new website features and content updates.

Smithsonian Giving Website Redesigned

October 2014

A few years ago, Interactive Knowledge redesigned the Smithsonian's main website,, and won a Webby Award for this project in 2011. In 2014, we were invited to revisit an important component of this site to build a new Giving section. This project was designed to create a contemporary look and a more inviting interface for the public to use when donating to the Smithsonian or becoming a member.

Si Giving screenshots of homepage, Smithsonian ID quiz, mobile.

The redesigned front end of the site features a great collection of images, videos and some compelling interactive activities. Of course it also offers updated forms that link efficiently and securely with a complex set of back end transactions. This site was built using Drupal and offers a seamless experience on desktops, tablets or smartphones.  

National Museum of the American Indian Picks IK for Inka Road Exhibition

September 2014

A major exhibition titled, The Great Inka Road: Engineering an Empire is scheduled to open at the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) in June 2015. Interactive Knowledge has been chosen to design and create a bilingual, interactive kiosk and website to support this exhibition. The content will focus on important engineering concepts that the Inka Empire  implemented across the nearly 40,000 KM of roadway that spanned most of the western portion of South America. The kiosk and website will feature original videos and images as well as 3D animation and a variety of interactive activities. Interactive Knowledge has completed a variety of projects for NMAI including an acclaimed educational website on the Maya culture, including extensive content on the Maya Calendar and Maya Math. Living Maya Time was launched in November 2012. is Redesigned and Mobile

September 2014

The Fetzer Institute is actively involved around the world with projects that are created with the intention of understanding the power of love and forgiveness. We redesigned their website to update the site’s look and add new features including an interactive map that locates the projects around the world. screenshots of homepage, project map, mobile.

The site is built with the Drupal 7 framework and includes a complete mobile version for access on smartphones and tablets. We expanded the blog and added a blog search tool so users can easily access the broad content in this section. In addition, the administration tool has been updated to provide Fetzer staff and partners with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to update the site’s content. We have deep respect for the Fetzer Institute and are honored to have the opportunity to share their work with the world.

Local Library is our “Newest” Client

August 2014

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (back when it was known as the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County) hired IK in 1998 to produce a CD and website titled The African-American Album Vol. 2. This was our first website! We completed several projects for the Library in the 90s but haven’t had the opportunity to work with them lately. This spring we were invited to join a grant proposal to help the Library redesign a series of online reading activities called StoryPlace. The Library was awarded the grant in July. We will create a new template using the Drupal 7 framework. The bilingual website will include animation, audio, a variety of interactive activities and a fun mobile version. The redesigned StoryPlace website will launch in the summer of 2015.

IK Chosen to Redesign

August 2014

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy has recently invited us to redesign their interactive and educational website that’s aimed at young teens. uses an engaging approach to deliver important information on relationships, birth control and sex. After we completed a redesign of The National Campaign’s main website early in 2014, we were ready to take on the redesign of their critically acclaimed online communications tool – The redesigned site will feature a more contemporary look, better use of social media, a mobile version and a question and answer section that encourages teens to ask the questions they are most interested in. The new site is scheduled to launch early in 2015.

The Anacostia Community Museum is Online

June 2014

The Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum had not redesigned their website for several years. The old site was very difficult to update and lacked contemporary visual design. We met with the Museum’s management team late in 2013 and devised a plan for redesigning the site. We used the template we created for the “Refresh” project and added a unique visual look that complemented the Museum’s content.

Anacostia screenshots of homepage, education page, mobile.

The redesigned site includes searchable access to all of the rich content, up-to-date events and news sections, a portal to Anacostia’s collections and a prominent list of recent posts at the Museum’s Blog. The website also has a mobile version that's fully accessible on smartphones and tablets. The redesigned website is a great doorway to the Anacostia Community Museum’s dynamic role in offering culture, history and art to the citizens of Anacostia and the District of Columbia. 

Reynolda House Wins Best of the Web Honors

April 2014

We attended the Museums and the Web Conference in Baltimore April 2 - 5 with Sarah Smith, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Reynolda House Museum of American Art. We were thrilled when we learned that the Reynolda House website, which we redesigned, won the People's Choice - Best of the Web Award. The site won a one-person / one-vote competition. The majority of voters were among the 700 + conference attendees from the US and around the world. We are honored for this recognition by our peers and delighted for our partners at the Reynolda House. 

MW2014 Award

Look for IK at the 2014 Museums and the Web Conference in Baltimore

March 2014

IK will be very busy April 2 – 5 at the 2014 Museums and the Web Conference in Baltimore. Tim, Allison and Eric will be attending. We are presenting a paper, “Building a New Wing: The Digital Engagement Project,” with Reynolda House’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Sarah Smith on April 5 at 1:30PM. Our redesign of the Reynolda House website has been nominated for the Best of the Web awards. We will also be available throughout the conference in our Exhibitor’s Booth. If you are planning to attend, please stop by and say hello.

IK Banners

IK Partners with Reynolda House for Presentation at Museums and the Web 2014

March 2014

We worked closely with Reynolda House’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Sarah Smith over several months to plan, design and produce a new website. On April 5, in Baltimore, we will present a paper with her about this experience titled, Building a New Wing: The Digital Engagement Projectat the 2014 Museums and the Web conference. 

MW14 Presentation

Spring has sprung, and so has our new site!

March 2014

We have redesigned several great websites over the past few years. We really enjoy the process of helping our clients focus on the best way to achieve their mission with a well-planned, engaging web presence. The redesign process often means rebranding and updating how our clients present themselves to the world. We have just finished applying this same process to our own website. We are proud to unveil a new logo and a more contemporary look. Our redesigned site includes new case studies, a brief history of our 23 + years in business and plenty of news from our world headquarters in Charlotte.  Have a look!

Before/After logo

New Site Launches For The National Campaign To Prevent Teen And Unplanned Pregnancy

February 2014

We are very excited to announce the launch of the redesigned website for The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy: The National Campaign asked us to help them organize and present an immense volume and depth of information on the new site, and we were excited for the challenge. The result is, in our humble opinion, a combination of beautiful design and intuitive content architecture. The site was built in Drupal 7 and features dynamic display of National and State Data statistics, a searchable Resource database, an elegant responsive design solution for smartphone and tablets and lots more. The previous version of the site received 700,000 visitors in 2013, and we anticipate (and hope) that the redesign garners that many and more this year. Visit The National Campaign’s latest blog entry “New Site, New Look” for more information.

TNC Homepage

IK Site Redesign To Launch In March

February 2014

IK will welcome spring with a redesign of its current site...and we are quite excited about this (and the beautiful NC spring weather). We’ll be building our new site using Drupal 7 with the goal of providing a clean design and simple navigation that highlights News, Case Studies, and our expertise – Strategy, Creativity, and Technology. The site will be responsive so you can take us with you for viewing on your smartphones and tablets. Look for another announcement from us soon, after we go live. Until then, thanks for checking in!

IK new site teaser

IK To Redesign The Anacostia Community Museum Website

October 2013

The mission of the Anacostia Community Museum is to challenge perceptions, broaden perspectives, generate new knowledge, and deepen understanding about the ever-changing concepts and realities of ‘community.’ The museum is located in the District of Columbia near the eastern shore of the Anacostia River. Established in 1967, the Anacostia Community Museum helps the Smithsonian Institution reach out to the local DC community in many unique ways. We will help the Museum update and redesign its web presence with a launch date set for early 2014. The new site will also feature a responsive version that will be fully compatible with tablets and smartphones.

IK Attends The Communications Network Conference, New Orleans

October 2013

Last week, we attended the Communications Network’s annual conference in New Orleans. The Network’s mission is “to support foundations and nonprofits to improve lives through smart communications,” and it was a great event to be a part of. With a dynamic speaker lineup and 15 informative breakout sessions from which to choose, one of the primary themes this year was storytelling and the power of a well-crafted narrative. This concept is a critical part of our work here at IK -- working closely with our clients to help them effectively craft their content and deliver it online in an elegant and engaging manner. The conference gave us the opportunity to catch up with some clients, meet some new folks, and get the juices flowing on new ideas….and all of that in a beautiful city, with fantastic food, music and people. A pretty good way to spend a few days!

IK Picked To Make Smithsonian Mobile And Responsive

September 2013

In 2010, we completed a redesign of the Smithsonian Institution’s main website, This project won a Webby Award in the Cultural Institutions category in 2011 and has been a very popular online destination. Since this website launched, the Smithsonian has committed to deliver more of its digital content to mobile devices. Smithsonian Visitor Services has tracked the percentage of website visitors who are using their smartphone to view Recently, they noted that over 40% of traffic to the Visit section of the website came from mobile devices. We were hired to make key sections of the current site responsive to smartphones and mobile devices. The same content available on laptops and computers will be redesigned and scaled appropriately for viewing on small screens. This project will be completed and available before the end of 2013.

NACCHO Releases New Video To Promote Roots Of Health Inequity Website

September 2013

We partnered with the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) in 2011 to release the “Roots of Health Inequity” online curriculum. This extensive project includes a custom online community and has well over one thousand participants. NACCHO wants to build on this success. They recently published a promotional video on YouTube and will be sharing it with public health professionals around the country. The video features images from many of the online interactive activities we produced as part of this project.

Building Trust Website Launches

July 2013

The University of Maryland’s School of Public Health has released the “Building Trust between Minorities and Researchers” website. We partnered with the University’s Center for Health Equity to design and produce this exciting project. The website is designed for health professionals who are involved in medical research. Minorities are underrepresented in much of the medical research taking place in the US. Even worse, there is a well-documented history of mistreatment and abuse of minorities in health and medical research over the past century. Distrust is a natural consequence of past abuses.

“Building Trust” addresses past issues and describes the controls currently in place, such as informed consent and community advisory boards. This website includes a variety of online tools to help researchers better connect with minority communities. We designed several interactive activities and produced an animated overview that resides on the website’s home page. This engaging introduction can be distributed to interested users through social media. The project was funded with an NIH grant and will be promoted across the country by the Bioethics Research Infrastructure Initiative.

Building Trust

The Max M. Fisher Online Archives Are Now Open

July 2013

Max M. Fisher was an incredible man who found success in many aspects of his life including business, fund-raising, international diplomacy and philanthropy. We worked closely with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit and the Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation to create an expansive, interactive presentation of Max Fisher’s life. The complete collection of Max Fisher’s papers, photographs, correspondence, etc. are being archived at the Reuther Library at Wayne State University. The Online Archives include a fraction of the total collection but are designed to tell a compelling story.

The website includes four original videos that each focus on one of Max Fisher’s outstanding character traits – Wisdom, Leadership, Service and Generosity. We’ve created an interactive timeline of his life with over 150 events and a searchable database with over 600 items including 107 video clips. This educational website is designed to introduce people who do not know Max Fisher to his legacy and preserve his memory for the thousands of people who were touched by his generosity and commitment.

Our Newest Client – The National Campaign For The Prevention Of Teen And Unplanned Pregnancy

May 2013

We are excited to partner with The National Campaign to help them redesign their main website. They have national expertise in their field and their website is an important source of research data and practical information that is used by a wide variety of audiences. The redesign project will give us an opportunity to reorganize their content and develop new, dynamic ways to display data. The final product will be built in Drupal 7 and include a well-designed back end to allow The National Campaign's staff a simple process for updating and adding new research data and other compelling content.

Time And Navigation Exhibition Reviewed In The National Press

April 2013

The Atlantic, The New York Times and The Washington Post have written great reviews of the Time and Navigation exhibition. This is the newest permanent exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum. The scope of the content is impressive since the exhibition covers over five hundred years of progress as humans try to find their way around the world.

Time And Navigation Exhibition Opens At The National Air And Space Museum

April 2013

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum partnered with the National Museum of American History to create a new permanent exhibition titled Time and Navigation – The Untold Story of Getting From Here to There. Interactive Knowledge worked closely with the Time and Navigation team to design and produce a large-scale educational website, three computer interactives and four 3D animations. The interactives and animations, produced in partnership with Terra Incognita and Pixeldust Studios, are installed as part of the exhibition and are also included in the website.

The educational website was built using Drupal 7 framework. It includes a mobile version that was built using responsive design techniques. As the Time and Navigation team continues to update and add content to the website, these revisions will flow automatically to the mobile version that’s viewable on smartphone screens.

Redesigned Duke Endowment Website Released

April 2013

The Duke Endowment originally hired Interactive Knowledge in 2008 to help them build a new website and reimagine their approach to digital communications. Last year we partnered with the Williams Group to update the Duke Endowment website and introduce a more story-centered approach. The new site is built in Drupal 7 and includes a responsive-design mobile version for use on smartphones. The new look is very engaging and the content focuses on sharing their grantees' stories of progress and success. The new site adds many new videos, an interactive timeline of James B. Duke's life and new ways to search through the vast amount of content included on this site.

Huffington Post Features Living Maya Time

December 2012

The Living Maya Time website has received some great reviews since its launch on October. The most recent recognition came from the Huffington Post. Jose Barreiro, Assistant Director at the National Museum for the American Indian (NMAI), wrote an article titled, "Recognizing Maya: A World That Doesn't End." The article describes the Maya calendar and the work that NMAI has initiated to help recognize the Maya people. Images from the Living Maya Time website appear in a slide show that accompanies the article. Barreiro describes the website as, "a clear source of of information by Maya and other educators and a project vetted by Maya day keepers..."

Maya Calendar Mystery Is Solved!!!

November 2012

Our clients at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian knew there was no Maya Calendar mystery. Maya scholars agree that the ancient Maya astronomers did not predict the world would end in December, 2012. The Maya have many calendars that count the days and reset for each new cycle. The Maya Long Count calendar records 13 periods of 144,000 days each. This December marks the end of the 13th period but there was never a suggestion that this was the end of the world. Like all of the calendars, this one resets and begins a new period. The Maya are tremendous mathematicians and astronomers and an important component of their creation myth is that they were created by their gods to correctly count the days. Living Maya Time is an interactive, educational website designed and produced by Interactive Knowledge for NMAI. The site has a great collection of photos and video. It's an amazing look at current Maya traditions and how they have been adapted from ancient times. There's a Maya math interactive and several sections that focus on how the calendar was incorporated into the stelas and all of the Maya art. This bilingual site is NMAI's response to all the misinformation about the Maya predicting world cataclysm at this year's winter solstice. We predict it's going to be a very popular and high traffic site for many years to come.

Fetzer Institute Launches Redesigned Website

October 2012

Interactive Knowledge has worked with the Fetzer Institute for over five years, beginning with a series of interactive websites for films and campaigns the Fetzer Institute sponsored. In 2009 we designed a new website at that offered access to a robust, multimedia database with hundreds of publications, resources and video clips. In 2012, we redesigned using Drupal 7. The redesigned site features new sections that support Fetzer's Global Gathering in Assisi, Italy. The Global Gathering, which took place in September 2012, introduced dozens of new projects and initiatives that support Fetzer's mission to "Foster awareness of the power of love and forgiveness in the emerging global community." The site has specific information, including video and audio clips on many of the new projects Fetzer in sponsoring. Fetzer staff will be able to use the robust content management system to update current projects and add new projects as they come online. The site uses responsive design theming and several interactive search tools including an animated filter that displays specific types of content based on the user's preference.

The Center For Digital Information Launches Retirement Expectations Vs. Reality Website

May 2012

In 2011, the Harvard School for Public Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and NPR conducted a poll among pre-retirees to determine their expectations about life in retirement. The poll also asked reitrees the same set of questions. The comparison of the pre-retirees' expectations and the retirees' reality lead to some very interesting results. IK was hired by the Center for Digital Information (CDI) to design and produce an interactive mini-site that displayed the results of this study. Expectations vs. Reality uses interactive charts and narrated inforgraphics to explain this important study.

Our Mother Tongues Site Launches

November 2011

Makepeace Productions chose Interactive Knowledge to design and produce an educational website that highlights twelve Native American language recovery programs from around the country. The website, titled Our Mother Tongues, is funded by ITVS (Independent Television Service) as part of Project 360, a production initiative dedicated to innovative multi-platform work. The website supports the Makepeace Productions' film titled, We Still Live Here - As Nutayunean, a documentary that features the work of the Wampanoag Tribe of southeastern Massachusetts as they reclaim their mother tongue and create a new generation of native speakers. The film will air on PBS in November 2011. The website includes dozens of video clips from members of the twelve tribes who describe their goals for reclaiming their language. Other interactive features include an e-Postcard with Native language audio greetings, forty audio files with people speaking in their mother tongue, detailed descriptions of the twelve language reclamation programs including videos and photos and a blog which will be updated with current news from Cultural Survival's Endangered Language's program.

NACCHO And IK Launch Roots Of Health Inequity Online Curriculum And Community Site

November 2011

A year-long project has successfully launched. The Roots of Health Inequity is a combination of several online properties including a public website, a community site and an extensive online curriculum for NACCHO members. NACCHO (National Association of County and City Health Officials) received funding from NIH to design and build an interactive educational program that addresses critical issues around health in equity and social justice. Richard Hofrichter, PhD served as NACCHO Project Director and Mikhaila Richards, MS served as the Senior Program Analyst throughout the project. Interactive Knowledge provided content strategy, visual design, interactive design and all programming and testing activities. The online curriculum and community sites were both built in Drupal and will be hosted and maintained by IK.

American Sabor Is The Communication Arts Webpick Of The Week!

August 2011

Communication Arts has chosen our American Sabor website as its Webpick of the Week. We designed and produced American Sabor for the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) to support the American Sabor exhibition. This bilingual site uses music, video and great design to show the pervasive influence of Latino music on American culture. Earlier this summer, Freedom Riders, a Webby-nominated site we designed and produced for WGBH and American Experience was also named Webpick of the Week.

Communication Arts Chooses Freedom Riders As Webpick Of The Week!

July 2011

The Editors at Communication Arts honored our Freedom Riders website as the Webpick of the Week. This educational website was nominated for a Webby Award in the Education Category earlier this year. Freedom Riders is a documentary, directed by Stanley Nelson for WGBH and American Experience. The website was designed and produced by Interactive Knowledge. We also wrote much of the original content. The film tells the true story of over 400 men and women who organized and participated in a peaceful protest that ended the segregation in the Deep South of travelers on buses, trains and airplanes in 1961.

Smithsonian Wins People's Voice Webby!

July 2011

We are happy to announce that our Smithsonian "Refresh" project is the winner of the Webby People’s Voice Award in the Cultural Institutions category for the 15th Annual Webby Awards! Our President, Tim Songer, will be in New York City with our Smithsonian partners to attend the ceremony and enjoy the festivities June 12th - 13th.

Florentine Films And WETA Choose IK For The National Parks Preview Site

November 2008

"National Parks: America's Best Idea" is Ken Burns' latest film. It will air on PBS in September 2009. Following our success creating an interactive website for "THE WAR," IK is working closely with WETA and Florentine Films again in creating the preview site for "The National Parks" on The film's producer, Dayton Duncan said this about working with IK, "We have a track record with them, feel confident that they understand what we're about and prefer. They've already shown in the previous project that ability to... keep the 'spirit, tone and voice' of our film/book in the website."

My Source Completed For Corporation For Public Broadcasting

November 2008

My Source, a year-long public awareness campaign initiated by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), includes an online tool for PBS and NPR supporters to submit testimonials about their passion for public broadcasting. IK worked closely with CPB and Powell Tate, a DC-based PR firm, to create this tool and make it available for all PBS and NPR stations. The stations can copy code from the My Source site to include the testimonial collection tool on their website. Testimonials can include video, audio, photos and text. The testimonials are collected in a central database and are available for the stations and CPB to be shared in a variety of innovative ways.

UNNATURAL CAUSES Raises Health Equity Issues For PBS’ Audience

April 2008

California Newsreel, a San Francisco based filmmaker produced an acclaimed four-part series on health equity titled, UNNATURAL CAUSES. They chose IK to design and produce two interactive web sites to support the film project’s outreach and educational goals. One web site, hosted on, focuses on the film’s content and features exclusive online clips. A second, much larger site is hosted by Interactive Knowledge. This site expands the health equity discussion by supporting the film’s extensive outreach campaign with extensive actions plans, event suggestions with a calendar of film-related events and a database of resources.

PBS Uses "Story Share" To Gather Stories On WWII

October 2007

While developing "THE WAR" web site for PBS, IK was contracted by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's National Center for Outreach to produce a tool for gathering stories from the public on World War II. This tool, called "Story Share," is currently in use by 80 PBS stations across the country. IK designed "Story Share" to function as a user-generated content tool for any future PBS broadcast.